Acting Workshop

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Thursday Workshop

Acting Workshops for Ages 16 and Over

New and old members welcome to join the Thursday workshops to ‘oil their acting skills’ and collaborate on creating mini vignettes of theatre each week. The sessions are based on a combination of scripted and improvised work, which are designed to develop participants confidence both vocally and physically. A range of approaches and stimuli will be used across the term. We are starting on Thursday 12th January with a session built around Dr Jeykll and Mr Hyde. The gothic theme giving us a chance to work on atmosphere and a heightened acting style – images of pre-war black and white British films come to mind. There is a bit of a gothic theme this term as we dip into ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ and the writings of Angela Carter. Should the group be interested there is a chance to present work to an audience at the end of term also sessions can be adapted to meet the interests of participants. Please note there is a change of time this term, sessions starting at 7pm and running to 9pm. Please come and join us.

David Cross


Workshop dates for January 2017 – April 2017:

Sessions will be held in the Haywood Studio (unless otherwise stated) from 7.00pm to 9.00pm and will be taken by David Cross, Thursday Workshop Leader.

Any alterations will be notified in advance.

Workshop is free for members and £8 for non members who should pay at the Box Office on arrival.


12 January Haywood Studio

19 January Haywood Studio

26 January Haywood Studio


2 February Haywood Studio

9 February Haywood Studio

16 February Haywood Studio

23 February There will be no Workshop this day


2 March Haywood Studio

9 March Haywood Studio

16 March There will be no Workshop this day

23 March Haywood Studio

30 March Haywood Studio


6 April Haywood Studio