Wyrd Sisters

This show has now finished.

13 June - 16 June 2018 , 7:30pm

Wyrd Sisters

By Terry Pratchett adapted for the stage by Stephen Briggs
Directed by Russell Hughes

Something wicked has come to Lancre and only Granny Weatherwax and her unlikely coven stand between the Kingdom and its eventual destruction.  Featuring witches, evil nobility, strolling players and diverse alarums and excursions (as well as a man in a funny hat), Terry Pratchett takes Macbeth,  gives it his unique Discworld spin and turns up the heat til the knobs fall off.

The plots, characters and all other aspects of the Discworld ® are the exclusive Copyright of Terry & Lyn Pratchett. The plays are Copyright of Stephen Briggs,  Terry Pratchett. Discworld ® artwork is the copyright of the individual artists.

Tickets: £ 8.00

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