Fix My Brain

This show has now finished.

24 February 2018 , 4.00pm

Two ex-Presidents of the Cambridge Footlights present their double-act debut: a story about friendship, mental health and that’s it.

Dillon suffers from depression. Oliver is a qualified Doctor. Between them they’re uniquely placed to do a show on this topic. And also reliant on the NHS for their survival.

‘Daring and hilarious… an astonishingly honest portrayal that will keep you in stitches from beginning to end’
★★★★★ Varsity

Previous praise:

‘Unrelentingly hilarious… Taylor is outrageously funny’
★★★★★ Varsity

‘Pitch-perfect… Mapletoft frankly delights’
★★★★★ The Tab

‘Packed in the punchlines’

Tickets: £ 5.00

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