Website – Why The Changes?

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Regulars will notice we have made major changes to our website over the past few months.
Why, and can anyone remember what it looked like a few months back?
We believe using a website should be easy.  So we wanted to have….
  • A large image to see what our show is titled and a colourful graphic or picture
  • A Read More button if you want to know more
  • A Buy Tickets button to go straight to book
The previous site had this but it was much smaller and you had to dig much deeper to find our ‘How to Book’ on another page.
Simplicity & Choices
We wanted your entertainment choices to be made simple and clear.  So…
We wanted to next four to five shows or events to be displayed in a rolling window, set in date order to easily show what your choice of shows and events was in the next few months (or panto at the end of the year).
Mobile friendly
Most people used to access websites on their desktop or laptop computers.  No longer.
According to our visitor statistics, the majority of our visitors to the website are using a mobile device, being a tablet or a smartphone.
With our new design, what we affectionately call “the slider“, which is the main image that slides across in front of you on the home page, you can now swipe from left to right on your smartphone or tablet computer.  Also the tabs underneath the slider images with the dates in can be selected by touching them to move the main image to that show you have selected.  You may also notice that the tab colour matches one of the main colours in the slider image. A secondary slider further down the home page can display many more productions, albeit smaller. The same simplicity and choice rules apply here too.
We’ve more changes to come…
But you’ll have to wait and see what those are – maybe another blog later this year!
In the meantime – here are the old and new pictures of the website home page (old – left, new – right).  Thanks for reading and do let us know if you have any suggestions of changes you would like to see!
Bye for now.
David Moore – Chair Marketing and Treasurer Elect
Take a look at our new look website!