Turning the tables: Hello audience!

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Our blog pages were created to give you information about our theatre, a place to share opinion, talk about theatre and connect with our ‘little’ community.

Part of that community are our audiences. What better to do than to talk to them and get to know them a bit better?

I only had limited time before they had to go up and watch the show, (in this case ‘Relatively Speaking’), but once I started talking to them there was no stopping them!

May I present some of our lovely audience members…

Mr & Mrs J Taylor, Anne Halsey, Heather Harris & Steve Mottram (top centre)

We’ve all been coming here for 30+ years. It’s nice to come for a drink, meet our friends and socialise. There’s a nice atmosphere — everybody is so friendly. We like it here and we like to come and support the local amdram and critique the military uniforms(!). We all opt for the ‘buy 6 for the price of 5’ season tickets so we get to see some plays that we wouldn’t otherwise go to see.

Some of our favourite plays here have been ‘Inspector Calls’ and ‘Little Shop of Horrors’. At the moment the plays have been a little bit ‘deep’ and we think a good mix of plays is needed. But you have to take the good with the bad.

Greta Ractliffe & Angela Poynton (bottom left)

When asked by me how long they had been coming here they really had to stop and think….18 years!

We just thought, why don’t we go to the theatre? We don’t like everything, it’s been a bit depressing this season. But there have been some brilliant things at the theatre. There have been so many things, the ‘one with the train’ (The Titfield Thunderbolt), Equus and Brassed Off. The ‘shoe shop’ one (I have since worked out was Hobsons Choice) with Karen who was very good.

We feel quite cultured when we come. The set design is sensational — puts London to shame! We come for a chat, a cup of tea and an ice-cream. There is a good atmosphere.

Margaret Marshall & Dot McGarrell (bottom right)

I always enjoy a little chat with these two so they had to make the blog! They are always asking when I am next in a show and to be honest, who doesn’t like a little ego boost?!

Dot has been coming to The Little for about 15 years. Margaret however has been coming since her teens!

We like to support local amdram. It’s our social thing every Thursday — we go to the theatre or the cinema. We have a season ticket. We really liked Boeing Boeing, the most recent one that was on a couple of years ago. Taking Steps that was on, ooh, twenty years ago was really good. And Children of the Wolf. The funniest thing we ever saw was the play that reviewed the books (quite possibly Improbable Fiction).

The atmosphere is great and it’s such a friendly society.


So there you have it. The audience have spoken. We don’t just have season tickets like our audiences have mentioned, we also have Young Theatregoer offers too.

Ella Morris