My top 3 musical theatre favourites -— what are yours?

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As the IDOLS are presenting their ‘Musical Scrapbook’ in a couple of weeks time, it got me thinking about my musical favourites.

I love my ‘straight’, dramatic plays but I also love a good musical. It’s a genre of theatre that is extremely accessible, and, well, who doesn’t like a great rollercoaster of a story with music to tug at the heartstrings? So take out your jazz hands and I’ll share with you my musical favourites. It was a tough decision — there are so many great songs out there!

At number 1…


‘All that’s ahead and all that’s behind

It’s all in the moment I make up my mind’

Put Idina Menzel in a musical on Broadway and you are onto a winner already. This musical was written with Idina in mind, so no surprises that this song is a belter. Always Starting Over is a dramatic, powerful song that tells of the many paths of life we unexpectedly take, and how each path is always a chance to start over with lessons learned from the past. Combine that with Idina ‘knocking’ out those high notes and you could easily get blown away. I speak from experience.


‘Let’s celebrate, remember a year in the life of friends’

My favourite musical without question is Rent. Seasons of Love is Rent’s anthem. You can’t help not coming out from that song thinking ‘hell yeah’ with an air punch.

The song was intended to be played in the middle of the character Angels funeral. The night before the opening night of Rent, the show’s creator Jonathan Larson passed away. As a mark of respect the whole cast performed it at the beginning of the opening night show standing in the famous line that remains today.

3. ROSE’S TURN (Gypsy)

‘Ya either got it or you don’t

And boy I got it’

A great American classic, re-imagined brilliantly by Paul Kerryson at Curve a few years ago with Caroline O’Connor at the helm.

Rose’s Turn is a breath-taking finale of anti-heroism that shows us the vulnerability and desperation of an overbearing show mum, who lives her past hopes of fame and stardom through her young daughters — resulting in the rise of Gypsy Rose Lee.

Sing out Louise…..

Over to you! Send us yours to and we may post them as a blog.

Ella Morris