MHT – Musical Hall Tavern or maybe “Must Hurry the Truck”

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The fantastic show that is Music Hall Tavern was a sell out and a fantastic evening, and they can’t wait to return next year if we can find space for them in our show programme.
But it wasn’t looking like that at 7:00pm in the evening, the usual time for a 7:30 show to bring the audience in to the auditorium,
At that time we had no MHT, no set and no sign of them!
By that time we knew that much earlier in the day after a show night in Swansea, they had travelled in their truck and with their set and costumes heading for Leicester when, on the motorway, one of their wheels physically left the vehicle.  It could have been so dangerous for them, but luckily they were safe and sound, but still for most of the day, much closer to Swansea than Leicester.
And so it was for much of the afternoon, when our technical team headed by Andy Crooks and Doug Simpson, had been expecting a latest 2pm get-in to establish the set, fit up the lighting and rehearse the show.
You can imagine that by the time the evening had arrived and it was heading towards 7pm, our team was fretting about what to do and how in particular to manage the very expectant audience, who had been gathering and, thankfully, at least using the time very productively to buy their drinks downstairs.
In the end the Front of House team managed admirably and opened the studio to allow for overspill from the bar whilst everyone waited….
And wait we all did!  The show start time came and went and we were still getting reports on transport progress (by now on a recovery truck) towards Dover Street.
In the end, we managed to perform what can only be described as the fastest get-in of all time – around 15 minutes from their truck arriving in Dover Street having been towed there – via multiple hoist lifts to stage level of the set and costumes,  to the show starting at just after 8pm!
The audience, a core group of whom knew MHT from shows in the Canaries and elsewhere couldn’t have been more patient and forgiving.
MHT came on, apologised profusely and gave the audience one of the funniest and engaging show routines we have ever seen at the Little Theatre.
They got a standing ovation and thoroughly deserved it.
Those of us that were privileged to see the show, can’t wait for them to return, and nor can MHT wait to come back again, this time hopefully on four wheels!
David Moore
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