Let’s get blogging!

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WELCOME one, welcome all to The Little Theatre blog. It’s been here for a ‘little’ bit but it’s been neglected. All change!

Here is the place to find out the latest news and stories. It’s also a place to get to know us better.

  • Who are we?
  • What do we do?
  • Who are our ‘little people’?

It’s a chance to share opinions, go behind the scenes and discover more about theatre as a whole.


Say hello to our newest recruit Nicole!

Nicole is a recent graduate in Journalism from DMU and is part of the team behind The Leicester Drama Society member’s magazine ‘Scene’. Nicole also joins the blogging team.

How did you come across the Little Theatre?

At university, I did an ‘arts and entertainment’ module, and my tutor pointed me in the direction of The Little Theatre to perhaps offer my skills in writing and get involved. After going to an open evening, I was invited to become the technical editor of SCENE, to work alongside Christine Hewson in putting together all the latest news, interviews and auditions into one piece. Two months in, and I’ve learned all about the history of the theatre, to the members involved, and been able to be a part of something exciting and rewarding each month.

What do you currently do aside from working on Scene?

I currently work at De Montfort University in the marketing department, and absolutely love it! It’s great to have a job where you can really see, first hand, the effects of what you do. Every day is different, and it’s always exciting. Away from work and SCENE, I love to cycle, read, go to the theatre (obvs) and binge on Netflix.

What does theatre mean to you?

From seeing pantomimes when I was little, to going to my first West End show, the theatre has been a wonderful thing for me; something that never gets old. You can completely lose yourself for an hour or two, and take a peek into the lives of others. There’s nothing better than seeing real people do real performances, and so to have the opportunity to write about this and get involved with SCENE is simply a fantastic bonus to a passion.

Iconic theatre character?

Les Miserables is one of the most moving, iconic and breath-taking shows I’ve ever seen. Jean Valjean is a character I immediately took to – in a realm of different performances and actors, his part always stands out, and is timeless. To me, that’s truly iconic.

Favourite theatre experience?

I do love a musical, and when I got the chance to see Mamma Mia! On the West End with my mum, it was the most lively, exciting and just fun experience I’ve ever had. At the end everyone rose, singing and clapping along, knowing all the words – and we left knowing we’d had the best night possible. It’s truly wonderful that the theatre can do that, and quite possible why my passion for it runs so deep.


Like theatre? Want to join us as a blogger? Get in touch! Contact Ella @thelittleleics or alternatively contact our theatre office and they will pass on your details.

Are you a Little Theatre member? Fancy telling us a ‘little’ (sorry couldn’t resist!) about what you do at our theatre? Please contact me as above!

Ella Morris