Technical Workshops

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Technical workshops for anyone aged 16 and over


If you have an interest in theatre then why not come along to our workshops and find out what goes into making theatre happen?


Our technical workshops will tell you everything you need to know about working backstage. Whether it’s lighting, sound, set building, stage management or any other aspect of backstage that you’re interested in, come and join us for our informative and enjoyable workshops.


It’s never too late to learn something new and we would love you to come and volunteer with us at your local amateur theatre.


All sessions are free to members and just £8 to non-members. The first year of membership with Leicester Drama Society is absolutely FREE!


Interested in acting? Have a look at our acting workshops Here.


Techie Tuesday session dates:

(all sessions are 7-9pm in the Haywood Studio at The Little Theatre)


Techie Tuesdays for January 2018

A 4 week Course on Lighting Design and Implementation

based on the production of…

The Rise and Fall of Little Voice.

Tues 9th January (week 1) Concept Lighting Design – using the script and scene design, determine and design the lighting states required for the production.

Tues 16th January (week 2) Testing and Detailing the Lighting Design – understanding the importance of rehearsals in planning lighting states and transitions to create cue lists.  Selection of lantern, colours and special effects to develop and embody the conceptual design.

Tues 23rd January (week 3) Drawing the Lighting Plan – using the lighting plan and cue lists to detail the cues and to create LX area lists.

Sunday 28th January [1pm to 4pm] – Rigging and Focusing – implement the lighting plan on the main stage.

Tues 30th January (week 4)  – Programming the Lighting Desk – using the lighting plan, cue list and LX area list to create an initial set of lighting states in preparation for the technical rehearsal.

Tuesday Sessions in weeks 1, 2 and 3 will be held in the Studio between 7pm and 9pm.  Sessions on Sunday 28th and week 4 will be in the main Theatre.  All members welcome – no previous experience required.  Further details of any of these sessions can be obtained from Jenny Harding (