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Our members consistently tell us they find it fun, creative and absorbing to be involved with the Leicester Drama Society at the Little Theatre. It offers you the chance to meet with a group of friendly dedicated volunteers and gives you the opportunity to engage in many aspects of the theatre. No experience is necessary as training will be given.


If you fancy ‘treading the boards’ then come along to auditions and meet the Director and other hopeful members keen to join the cast. Acting in a play at the Little is immensely rewarding and we are always on the lookout for new talent.


We have many excellent Directors, but there are always opportunities for first-time Directors. Our Directors typically have a passion for the planned production, and of course will need to communicate their vision for the play to cast and crew involved in the production to deliver a great team and show.


The Stage Manager is responsible for the management of the whole production from discussions with the scenic designer, through technical meetings and rehearsals. They take responsibility from the Director for the live show performances.


The Deputy Stage Manager effectively coordinates the operation of the show, and is most often known for cueing each stage scenic change, lighting change and calling cast to stage.


The sound team is responsible for the design, creation and implementation of sound effects for each production. Creating the right atmosphere is done by using music and effects or special recordings which have been pre-programmed into the sound desk


The lighting team is responsible for the design and installation of lights on the lighting rig above the stage. During the performance run, the team will operate the lights using the lighting board containing the pre-programmed cues.


Fit-up Crew: Responsibilities include the building and painting of the stage set. This can be done during the daytime or evening.

Stage Crew: Once the show starts dress rehearsals/performance there is often a requirement for a stage crew to perform scene changes.

Fly Crew: To assist with quick scene changes and to provide cover for the stage crew to operate without being seen, painted cloths and flats are lowered from the fly rail high above the stage.

Strike Crew: A set must be dismantled immediately after the final performance.


A property or ‘prop’ is anything that is used by actors on stage. Props used on a production need to be appropriate for the period in which the production is set. The team will source many items from our extensive props store and some may be made or purchased.


The bulk of a prompter’s work is done during rehearsals when they are needed to help actors with their lines and ensure the script is being followed faithfully. Once the play is running the prompt is a support for the actors only when needed.


This team is the public face of the Little Theatre without whom no performance can be staged. A minimum of eight stewards are required to be on duty, they welcome members of the audience, supervise the entrance to the auditorium, sale of programmes and refreshments. More Information on Front of House


Wardrobe: With the help of daytime volunteers, the department makes costumes for all main house and Studio productions.

Costume Hire: Volunteers help also within our extensive costume hire section. The costumes are hired out to the public and other theatrical groups.

Dresser: The team assists actors during the run of the show with all costume, hair, wig and corset changes either in the dressing rooms or back stage.

Box Office: This area of the theatre is staffed largely by volunteers who sell tickets for productions.

First Aider: When any show is on stage, a first aid person is always on duty in the auditorium.

Audio Describer: A team member will watch a rehearsal and make notes on the set, costumes, actors’ movements and gestures. This information is turned into a CD for our visually impaired patrons. During Saturday matinee shows, we offer a live description service.

Photographer: Photographs and videos are taken during rehearsals for use in publicity material.
Archivist: The archivist seeks the performing rights licence for productions and purchases the scripts. All production publicity is archived.

Open Evenings

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