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John Godber


Performance Dates: 11 – 16 May 2020 Directed by Jo Jones

Audition Date: Monday 13 January 2020 @ 7:30pm in the Studio, at The Little Theatre


This is a comedy set in the world of amateur rugby league, in which a pub side take on an unbeaten team in an all-or-nothing battle with pride, ambition, and livelihoods at stake. It needs a cast of 5-6 men and 1 woman – see details below:


Arthur: ex-player; bit of a hothead in his day and yet he loves the game. Makes a rash bet that he can turn any team into a winning side. Age: late 30s – late 40s

Phil: English teacher & Loughborough Uni graduate, he takes the game a bit more seriously than the others at the start. Age: late 20s – mid 30s

Frank: family butcher; he is stout of heart and body, and can hold a tune – leads the team in singing their anthem. Age: 30s – early 40s

Tony: apprentice miner, he is actually on strike (play is set in 1984), so he’s short on cash. Age: early 20s

Steve: car mechanic; he’s a bit of a ‘jack the lad’ type – sings a rugby song on his own. Age: mid 20s – early 30s

Reg:  flash manager of the unbeaten team, he appears in just 2 scenes in the first half of the play, so could be doubled with another character. Age: 40s – 50s

Hazel: fitness instructor & gym owner, she trains the men. She also acts like a chorus during the play,commenting on the action. Age: late 20s – late 30s