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Zoo Story – from Ken’s Pen

I joined The Little Theatre in 2017 – I’d realised life was too short to miss doing what I loved the most. I performed in Fallon Mayne’s self-written piece, ‘Secret […]

The Life of a Theatre Photographer — Sally Evans speaks…

I started photographing at the Little Theatre at the start of the 2011/2012 season. I was really lucky in a way. I’d been working in the bar for about 2 […]

Acting in the Studio

Back in June, Pip Nixon wrote a post about his experiences with directing in the Haywood Studio. Today I’m going to give you my thoughts on what it’s like to […]

Portrait Photographers

In the days of the repertory theatres where, by and large, the same team of actors would be performing a different play every week for fifty weeks out of the […]


Chances are, as a theatre-goer, you may never have heard – and you will certainly never have seen – a prompter.  A shy and quiet breed, we lurk in dark […]

The Haywood Studio Theatre

Regular patrons of the main house of the Little Theatre may not be aware that we operate a second performing area within the theatre. Whilst the principal appeal of the […]

The Set Designer – Alec Davis

How long have you been designing scenery?  I started at school when I was about 12. Hell! That’s 40 years ago. You’d think I’d have had enough by now.   What […]

The Role of the Deputy Stage Manager

While you’re sitting in the auditorium waiting for the play to begin, perhaps you are reading through the programme to find out where the play is set and how many […]