Behind Bars – The theatre ‘heart’

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I’ve worked behind the bar in the Little Theatre now for 4 years. Christ – where did that time go?

Originally I joined the gang to earn a bit of extra ‘pocket money’ but despite the occasional late finish on a week night (which is not ideal if you have a full-time day job), I love it. It’s not really work, the bar staff feel more like family than colleagues and the bar is the heart of our theatre. It’s where audience and Little members unite, where the chatter thrives and memories are made (don’t worry, you don’t need to get the violin out just yet).

But seriously, it brings our little village of a community within a city together in one very red room.

So who are we, us ‘bar lot’?

Well you have Kathy, the bar supervisor, the red-head, the mum, the one who keeps us all in check.

Then there is Lynn and Claire – our longest serving bar ladies. Lynn has done a spot of acting herself and Claire spends her spare time making jewellery and watching theatre.

Colin is our token guy. You will also see him in our Box Office selling you tickets and answering queries.

Sally photographs all of our shows and rehearsals.

Jenny and Terri-Anne are relatively new and are the youngest.

And then there is me, Ella – writer, actor and avid theatre-goer.

Why do I love it?

I feel very much part of the life of the theatre working behind the bar and I love people.

Every single person that comes into the bar has a story to tell. Whether it be a group of ladies that get together on the same night for every show as their social, whether it be an elderly couple that year on year out like coming to our theatre for an entertaining evening, whether it be family and friends that are supporting somebody in a show at the theatre or whether it be one of our members having been in a show or supporting a show. Each has a personal reason for being in the bar at a particular moment in time.

So what’s my point?

Theatre is community. It brings people together from many walks of life, to watch other people from many walks of life, interpret life. It’s a given that we all hope for a good night’s entertainment at the very least, but we might also hope that when we do descend into the bar after the show we have left the auditorium feeling changed in some way. Maybe we simply have a smile on our face, maybe we have that warm fuzzy feeling, maybe a part of the show has made us question or confirm something that is happening to us in life, maybe we left with a changed opinion or maybe we left thinking that we just didn’t like it.

The theatre bar, or rather The Little Theatre bar captures the full spirit of a night at the theatre. You’ll have audiences coming in to have a pre-show drink ready for a good night’s entertainment, you’ll get the buzz of an interval where the audience have had a taster and wondering what’s next (or perhaps not in some cases!), and then afterwards the cast and crew will come in to wind down, have a celebratory drink and reflect on the show (in most cases what went wrong and who messed their lines up!).

So whether you are about during a non-show week or a show week, come on in and say hello!

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Ella Morris