Ace that Audition : 5 Simple Steps

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Going to audition for an LDS play or coming to our Open Auditions this year?

Do auditions bring you out in a cold sweat? Or would you just like a helping hand with your audition preparation?                    

 The 5 steps below outline a few simple ways to give you your best shot at getting that part.

1.Read the play. And read it again!

You wouldn’t turn up to a job interview not knowing what you were being interviewed for would you? Chances are you wouldn’t get the job –and rightly so. This is the same thing.

2. Know a little bit about the characters that you are auditioning for.

Everybody has different interpretations of a character – there is no set way. Not only will the director love that you have thought about the character, this will help the way you read in audition.

  • What would happen if the character were not to be on the play?
  • Why do they matter?
  • What are their motivations?
  • What makes them tick?

These are just a few of many questions you should be asking yourself.

3. Work with the director.

Whatever the director asks you to do (of course there are some limits!), go with it. It’s important to remember that the audition is not a test. If the director asks you to read something in a different way – great! Show them you can listen, understand and put it into action. This demonstrates teamwork, flexibility and the ability to be directed. Tick those boxes – it’s not all about talent!

4. Be brave!

I’m not always as brave as I’d like to be – I’m human. But this sets some actors apart from others. It’s all about not being afraid to get into the skin of the character, trying things out and just being! It always works and if not – who cares?

In ‘The Thrill of Love’, my character was supposed to make her entrance on stage singing along to Billie Holliday while she was sweeping. Why not use the broom as a microphone and have a ‘singing in the shower’ moment? The reasoning behind the idea was to show the characters spirit and bring some immediate light relief into the show. And that’s what some people commented on. What if it doesn’t work? It doesn’t really matter! It’s all part of life – some things work out and some don’t.

5. Be prepared.

This ties in with all of the other steps but now I am referring specifically to right before the audition.

Make sure that you are fed and watered. Sleep well. Try some breathing and vocal exercises. This will help you relax and warm up your body. Most importantly – be in the moment and have fun! Life is too short.

Ella Morris

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